Events listed here will connect you with people & happenings making contributiion to social justice through courage, connection, reflection.

Courage. Freedom. A retreat at larapuna – Bay of Fires.

The courageous reflective dialogue of a Circle of Trust® invites and points toward inner freedoms which continue well beyond the salt air and multi-hued skylines.
This is the offering of this ‘Courage. Freedom.’ retreat at Tasmania’s breathtaking Bay of Fires.

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Past Events

China, Children, Chaos and Kindness (so, what’s new?)

November 13th marks World Kindness Day. When I first realised there was a day set aside to celebrate, contemplate and initiate acts of kindness my immediate reaction was: “Just one day? Is that all?” Of course, I believe in kindness and connection for the other 364...

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Nurturing Literacy with Dumbo Feather

Dumbo had it in him to fly... so the story goes. But he needed that potential 'drawn out' by a trusted friend. And so it is with reading and writing. The potential is there in every child to fly in the mastery of these skills. As we tread the path toward a society in...

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Forming Connections in an Isolated Community

Connection is central in us human beings becoming healthy and happy. Forming connections in isolated community has benefit for all of community. And thus for each of us individually, and for our children. And grandies. As Martin Luther King Jnr simply and wisely said:...

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Lost Opportunity

Lost Opportunity Opens: February 5th 5.30pm | Closes: February 11th 6:00pm | Mawson's Waterside Pavilion Hobart "Lost Opportunity is a collaborative humanitarian exhibition between Political artist Jill Nolan and the Tassie Nannas. It portrays the story of asylum...

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