Grace and I are presenting a cycle of powerful, seasonal, leadership retreats focused on the courage to create change. In late August we focused on spring, using metaphors that explored how that which is nascent within us, can be supported to burst forth.

On the 3rd, 4th, and 5th December, 2021, we’ll present the second in the cycle: Courage to Create Change – Summer.

It will be themed on abundance.

Registration and details are HERE.

There are times in life at which abundance feels like an objective reality. These are enriching seasons for us. They are seasons that are further supported in our lives through our gratitude. And through our stewardship.

But there are many times at which the opposite of abundance feels much more tangible in our lives. We may sense poverty and lack. And fear may accompany this sensing. 

At the same time, we may also be aware that our sense of poverty might feel like abundance to another. But knowing this may not be enough to overcome our fear. Rather, it may lead us in other directions – to guilt, sadness, sensing unworthiness, blame, even anger.

Can we be creative in, and thankful for, our challenges? Can we sense the abundance around us? 

And if we can’t quite sense this… well… this is held with respect. For ideas of abundance are a little countercultural. For many of us, such challenge was planted, with deep roots, in our personal histories. 

If we can’t quite embrace ideas of abundance in the presence of challenge, invitation is made to at least authentically sit with these ideas. And to explore abundance in relation to work and living?

If we can’t quite embrace ideas of abundance in the presence of challenge, invitation is made to at least authentically sit with these ideas. And to explore abundance in relation to work and living?

Resilience, flourishing and inspirational leadership are built on attitudes of abundance – whilst not denying the reality of the challenges we face as individuals and as communities. 

Can we embrace ideas of abundance authentically? Can we sense how abundance around us will serve us and serve our communities? 


In partnership with Grace Williams, Founder of Citizen Tasmania, Rosie Martin is offering a Circle of Trust® retreat – Courage to Create Change – Summer.

This Circle of Trust retreat will provide you with opportunity for reflection upon your hopes and directions for change; helping to gain clarity and insight.

Upholding the honour and integrity of each participant, and structured upon the non-violating principles of Parker J. Palmer’s Centre for Courage & Renewal, Courage To Create Change – Summer will give experiences that are reflective, generous, relationally connected, and transformational – that have he same kind of power for change that summer does – warm, abundant, enriching. 

Courage to Create Change – Summer will create safe space within a small group. It will give you space to explore the concepts of courage and change, deepening your insights into your engagement with them. It will reveal barriers and challenges, as well as strengths and hopes. It will give opportunity to explore personal and professional questions of courage and change – the wellsprings of your leadership. It will support understanding of the ways these insights might enrich your workplace, home, community living… and your cause. 

If you are noticing your responses to change, or if you are depleted by them, this Circle of Trust is for you.  Drawing on metaphors of summer, it will serve you with the tools to go deeper and consolidate, to make renewal, and to take refreshment. 



Participants are supported to reflect on their connection to courage and change, and to draw-out the insights of their own stories, inner resources and personal wisdoms; as well as to develop new insights through witnessing the stories of others.

It takes actual time to build relational trust, think deeply, and process the insights that arise. Time is an essential component of the process of Courage To Create Change – Summer. The retreat is paced to support relationship formation, deep listening and reflection.



The professional development objectives of the Courage To Create Change – Summer retreat are to:

  • Gather a small, diverse cohort of leaders and others to participate in a reflective dialogue across three days about courage and change as ways of being and seeing.
  • Increase participants’ understanding of the attitudinal structure of courage and change.
  • Increase participants’ understanding of the agency of courage – when integrated with action – to support cultures of change for wellbeing and values-driven leadership.
  • Through shared story, increase participants’ understanding of courage and change from multiple points of view and diversity of lived experiences.
  • Enhance participants’ experiences and skills in deep listening.
  • Enhance participants’ valuing of deep listening experiences across diverse cultural backgrounds and perspectives.
  • Build participants’ ability to identify safe space and hold it for others.
  • Provide participants with opportunity for safe, guided reflection upon their personal experiences of courage and change.
  • Provide participants with opportunity for safe, guided reflection upon their personal barriers and triggers regarding courage and change.
  • Provide participants with tools to develop relational trust and leadership within their workplaces and communities; and beyond into their personal lives as both family members and contributing citizens.

What to Expect

You will gather with a group of others to participate in dialogue and a variety of reflective activities. All activities are by invitation. The retreat will be stimulating and spacious while also providing the nurture of a slowed pace. Our time together is non-residential – so you will go home or to your hotel to sleep. Excluding breakfasts, simple, nourishing meals will be provided. The retreat will be held at the beautiful Longhouse – Macquarie Point, Hobart.

Day 1: Friday 3rd December | 4.30pm for a 5.00pm sharp start – finish 9.30pm

Day 2: Saturday 4th December | 8.45am for a 9.00am sharp start – finish after dinner

Day 3: Sunday 5th December | 8.45am for a 9.00am sharp start – finish 2.00pm

Register HERE.