Dumbo had it in him to fly… so the story goes. But he needed that potential ‘drawn out’ by a trusted friend.

And so it is with reading and writing. The potential is there in every child to fly in the mastery of these skills.

As we tread the path toward a society in which literacy is widespread, we can also draw out the best in each other as practitioners who hold a common vision – that the children fly.

Dumbo Feather, beautiful quarterly of conversation and kindness, has opened opportunity in a lovely event to draw out some of what is needed to make this happen.

Nurturing Literacy is a morning tea with conversation about kindness, why speech pathologists and teachers should love each other’s skills, the importance of relational trust in schools and other workplaces, and what playfulness brings to human interaction.

Register here.


(It is not lost on me that I am writing this during Dyslexia Awareness month – a month in which the Code REaD slogan has been to #FlyLikeADyslexic!)