“Kind communication enhances everything we already love about who we are as citizens of this country and this world. It has power to transform our contradictions and build our nation.”

When working with individuals, small groups or large crowds, I draw upon my experience of language sciences, storytellers and poets, to share powerful sessions about communication. Key notes, lectures, workshops and occasional addresses transformationally combine reason, inspiration, kindness and knowledge.

I am delighted to speak or facilitate on: 

2017 Tasmanian Australian of the Year stories
  • What I have learned; what others may learn 

Kindness, Respect & Courage
  • How to intentionally access these qualities: the origins of words reveals much
  • Why kindness, respect and courage matter
  • Fostering kindness, respect and courage in self
  • Supporting kindness, respect and courage in others
  • Kindness, respect and courage in leadership
  • Kindness, respect and courage in the boardroom
  • Kind communication
  • Courageous kindness
  • The problems with listening as we know it
  • The promise of listening when we renew it
  • The skills and tools of listening

  • Language and social communication
  • Structures and processes of communication
  • The role of communication in justice
  • How to manage difficult communication in the workplace
  • How to support oneself and others with a difficult communicator in the workplace
  • Speech pathology – general
  • How to teach literacy to anyone
  • The continuum of literacy skills
  • Dyslexia
  • Building literacy in homeless and disadvantaged adults
  • Engaging the disengaged
  • The history of literacy
  • How Australia’s literacy woes arose
  • What is to be done about Australia’s literacy woes
  • Growing language in children and adults with autism
  • Growing social awareness and skill in people with autism
  • Communication skills and autism in the workplace
  • The strengths in autism
  • Playfulness and health
  • Playfulness and its support of social connection
  • The pro-social power of play
  • Playfulness for grown-ups
Prison-based Rehabilitation
  • What goes on and what’s possible
  • Insights for the uninitiated
  • Insights for the initiated: communication
  • The role of kindness
  • The importance of non-judgment
  • The power of hope

Restorative Justice

  • Communication skills to support restorative justice
  • Restorative justice in schools

Worker Wellbeing
  • Authenticity in the workplace: reconnecting who you are with what you do
  • Reflection in wellbeing
  • Group facilitation processes
  • For teachers, therapists, doctors, lawyers, clergy, managers, customer service personnel… everyone 
  •  The question of questions: personal formation, transformation and social change
  • Connection in the classroom: a new paradigm


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“Congratulations” for your thought-provoking, compassionate, authentic and sacred presentation for International Women’s Day! Your talk was crafted beautifully and had the perfect mix of academic cred, clinical examples, family stories – all held together with your beautiful, generous and faith-filled humanity. ~ Robyn Moore, Professional Speaker, The Power of the Word. Thank you for your insightful and thought-provoking session… it was everything I had hoped for and so much more! ~ Bek Verrier, Architect, Bence Mulcahy. A beautiful, courageous, heart-full presentation. ~ Clare Raffety, Yoga from the Heart. Such a great talk… your warmth and presence in the room engaged everyone. ~ Katherine Street, People Flourishing. The top tier of the Stanley Burbury [theatre] doesn’t often have to be opened up to accommodate an audience. And I can’t remember when I last saw a standing ovation there! A great response to a wonderful presentation. ~ June Dallas, Social Worker (retired).