During April and May of 2020, I have been gathering my thoughts about the coronavirus pandemic.

I have gathered them to make sense of them. For myself. But also, as a speech pathologist, for young people with whom I and my colleagues work. For them, too.

I have gathered these thoughts with my daughter-in-law, KB Song. And we have gathered them, collaboratively, into a book. This is our book.

For children. For parents. For teachers. For any and all. This is their book, too.

– Rosie Martin. May 2020

‘My Book About Coronavirus’ breaks down all of the complexities of coronavirus and COVID19 – what it is and how it spreads, physical distancing, learning from home, video conferencing, relationships, kindness and connection. With beautiful illustrations by KB Song, this story will gently support its audience to a greater understanding of the way life is changing, and how we can do our part.