In the last couple of months I’ve had a few presentations to prepare and it has been blessedly wonderful to draw down on the incredible images that one can find on Unsplash!

I’m a relative newcomer to Unsplash. I love it.

My dear friend, photographer and all round fab human, Sharon Pittaway, first mentioned it to me a year or so ago – a few  of her own images are there at @sharonp.

This post is simply to express gratitude to the site innovators and hosts – and deeply, deeply, very much, to the photographers who so generously make their beautiful work available.

They have saved me so much time. So much! And so much late-at-night hassle.

Their work makes it so easy, through the visual beauty the artists have supplied, to add a rich, positive, emotional valence, to ground and complement informational content.

We cannot do without our artists. Their work shores the foundations of our best human selves.

My gratitude in a truck!

Well… in a blog at least. And I want to shout-out my thanks to the individual photographers whose work I have recently used. 

For adults unable to read and write, life may feel like parched ground.


Find more of Clay’s work here.

But with warmly relational, knowledgeable support… the fields can green.


More of Guido’s work here.

With the right tools… change and growth can be fashioned.

Sue-hughes-z7oocusaJcw-unsplash – more from Sue here.

Annie-spratt-5JDfwOQfIqg-unsplash – more from Annie here.

And life swells to the strum of a warm and magical new tune.

De-an-sun-b57RqS-nQ1c-unsplash – more here.

This image contributed to a presentation titled Tilling New Ground with Familiar Tools: Adult Literacy & the Speech Language Pathologist. It represented the goodness of the soil that is every human… offered with hope.


Find more of Gabriel’s work here.

And there is much in our world to inspire us to hope.


More from Roger here.

And in the light of hope and respect-filled planting and working together, beautiful new growth will surely begin.

Thank you, julian-hochgesang-pPmGGFByaos-unsplash.

More from Julian here.


And a new world of expression is opened.

Jess-bailey-ycTvvg1mPU4-unsplash – more here.

My very many thanks.