By golly, some of the work I’ve been involved in these last few years has been noticed across the Pacific with reciprocal shared gratitude – it’s just grand!
The wonderful crowd at Circle of Security International have given me a shout-out here.
Can I just say, it’s been so lovely to contribute – but there’d be nothing to shout about without THEM! And in equal measure, there’d be nothing to shout about without:
My gang at Connect42, whose passion and drive have been unflagging, consistent and kind.
Elise Archer MP, who has wonderfully championed and funded Just Time. (And before her the Honourable Vanessa Goodwin also saw the potential of what we were trying to do).
Speech Pathology Tasmaniawhose incredible skilled therapists have delivered this work.
Tasmania Prison Service, who have supported everything that has happened and are eager to support more.
The donors – my gosh, there are some humble passionate people in this category.
All the volunteers who give their time to come and help – and give honour through their presence, as well as presenting graduation certificates when the sessions are all wrapped up!
Nothing is achieved without teams of teams!
My gratitude trails along after every one of them!