About Rosie

Hope is transformational substance which acts upon our mindsets and paves a way to our dreams.

Everyone is a story.

I, Rosie, am a story of growing up on a small farm on the outskirts of the Barossa Valley in South Australia; with all of the physical activity, wonder, messiness and good health that happy farm-life brings. My early working-life took me to Tasmania. I’d hitchhiked around the island as a student and fell in love with the place. Children came along and the roots were down – so I’m still in Tassie. I miss the river red gums, the top-knot pigeons and the willy wagtails. But I adore the mountains, the artistry in the clouds, and the cool air laden with the fragrance of green.

A track between gum trees

Barefoot, I walked this track as a child

When each of my two sons were born, I found myself amazed by the uprising of love within me. I remember standing barefoot in the delivery suite marvelling at the babe, but also marvelling at this surging, reverberating force through my entire being. I had learned about this at uni – ‘bonding’. But my lectures gave me no premonition of its strength. Or beauty.

Still barefoot, I also remember, simultaneously being flooded with sadness at the thought of mother-babe pairs missing out on bonding; my lectures had also taught me that some mother-babe bonds can be disrupted. What miserable diminishment. I know that love doesn’t actually make the world go ’round; but it is the very thing which gives agency to the people who are going ’round on it. And joy.

Since then, in my work as a speech pathologist and through my own personal experiences of family and living, I’ve learned a lot more about how loving interaction and human agency are knit together.

Love. And joy.

I’ve learned that love gives agency. And joy.