“I want to see communities in which our interactions consistently demonstrate what I call the ‘other four-letter words’: kind, hope, care, love.”

Intolerant of Tolerance

Tolerance is a low horizon. It is often held up as a virtue which Australians should display to accommodate the nation’s diversity of human experiences. But it does not lead us toward our richest flourishing, and it is not magnanimous.

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Murray On Your Face

I noticed that he was staring at my mouth with studied fascination - and then he suddenly reached out and took my face in his little hands, pulled me around toward him and exclaimed with loud revelation, "You've got Murray on your face!" What!? Who is on my face?!...

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This story is about a four letter word. Allow me to create a scene for you. One that has happened many times over the lovely years of privilege of my work. I am sitting on a tiny chair at a little table in my playful speech pathology clinic room with a child and his...

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Without any effort or intention, without willing it to be so, an image of a glass of water appeared in my mind. It thrills me when visual metaphors shimmer into place, for I have learned that they explain me to me in some surprising way. Into the clear water dropped a...

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